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No dream is either too big or too small !

"It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone." -Hans F Hansen


LoanGully makes loan process simple, comprehensive and easy to avail with innovative 3C Process

Check Your eligibility

With your financial strengths and commitments


In the Basket of options available with innovative and scientific guiding mechanism


Best product that matches to fulfill your dream

Simpler than others

LoanGully provides a bouquet of the best possible loan options from all major banks at one place for your convenience and to guide you with a scientific approach to choose the best product based on your financial strengths and commitments. As we have come up with a fool proof mechanism to ensure you a happy life along with an asset, we would request you to please fill candid data to ensure we give you the best possible options.

Why LoanGully

As someone who has taken loans for education, start-up and buying homes for ourselves, we understand the beauty of dreams and the happiness of living it. And we want to share this happiness across to all. Hence happened LoanGully - A company that believes no dream is either too big or too small and everyone has the right to dream; and live it too.

In this process of building LoanGully we sought the guidance from several senior bankers and financial advisers on how and what is important in banking and specifically loans - a necessary evil (or a boon in disguise we do not understand) today. As we discussed more; we realized probably there are many others who are not looking at loans in the right sense and hence not using them effectively. To put it simply, loans are a very healthy system of asset acquisition through EMIs that has proficient steps to test your eligibility before loaning, makes sure you have enough for survival and some more and also provides insurance for the just in case scenario.

Our specialized Services

Home loans

  1. Purchase of Flat/house
  2. Resale
  3. Open Plot
  4. Composite Loan
  5. Top-up Loan
  6. Balance Transfer

Personal Loans

  1. House renovation
  2. Interior decoration
  3. Medical Expenses
  4. Foreign tour with family
  5. Children's education
  6. Marriage

Mortgage Loans

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Starting of New business
  4. Working capital
  5. LRD
  6. Balance Transfer


  1. EMI Calculator
  2. Loan Eligibility
  3. Interest Payable
  4. Amortization
  5. Tax Implications
  6. Many more